Thursday, March 12, 2009

Getting Some Practice

I have been buying baking supplies for years and since starting my culinary degree at Grossmont College, I have been practicing more and more. Here are a few of my earlier yummies.

Easter Sugar Eggs

One has a duck and the other has a rabbit that were created with fondant.

Castle Birthday Cake

This cake was the first stacked cake I ever tried and it took a lot of time and prep. My sister, Ciara, stayed up late with me and helped. My little "fat dragon" was my favorite part. There were a total of 120 small flowers and the tops of the towers, doors, windows and everything purple had to be iced in addition to the cakes. Whew! Just looking at it makes me tired.

Halloween Spider Cake

The Halloween Spider Cake was my first tiered cake that used separators. I was pleased with the way the royal icing spider webs turned out. I didn't have any black frosting so you can see where I attached the spiders to the cake but it wasn't a big deal cause nobody could eat it anyway (it was a dummy cake).

“Blessed is the person who can laugh at himself — he'll never cease to be amused.”

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