Saturday, October 23, 2010

Like Sand Between My Toes...

So about three weekends ago, I drove about an hour up to Murrieta, California, to the Cake Cottage for their huge chocolate mold sale. I came home with over 30 molds. I bought a sea shell mold and wanted to try it out, except I used fondant instead of chocolate. The starfish are hand molded and dusted with cocoa powder. The shells were marbled with cocoa powder as well. I hated to cover the sides of this cake after getting it so smooth and the corners so sharp but it was good practice. I look forward to making many beach themed wedding cakes in the future since we will be living at the coast.

It isn't the mountains ahead that wear you out, it's the grain of sand in your shoe.

Could You Hold My Cake Purse? Without Eating It?

I have been meaning to make these for a while but always get distracted with something else. After looking at several tutorials and pictures of other purse cakes, I figured I'd give it a try. I had some left over red velvet cake and cut out some mini purses. They are frosted in cream cheese frosting and covered in fondant. I airbrushed one pink and the other blue. There were originally four purses, but two of them looked so delicious that my 3 year old daughter decided to sample them. *Sigh* They were for practice anyway and my kids are just like their mother, nobody can take sugar from these babies!
Here is a size comparison so you can really see how small they are.

A heavy purse makes a light heart.