Sunday, March 18, 2012

Ahoy Matey! Pirate Cookies

I love doing decorated cookies, especially themed cookies! I was super excited when I got a call for pirate themed cookies. I had recently bought a pirate ship cookie cutter that I couldn't wait to use, and I also dug out a treasure chest cutter, flag cutter, and bought a skull cutter for the pirate skulls. I am very happy with the way they came out, especially the treasure maps. When I do pirate cookies in the future, I will try out a different treasure chest, maybe one with a round lid instead of square.

 Here they are all wrapped up and ready to go!

Cupcakes Galore!

One of my most requested items lately have been cupcakes. These mini cupcakes had sports and Navy themed fondant toppers.

 These were for an 80's themed birthday party. I was happy to get to do these!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Missed One!

I didn't even realize I forgot to post this one! It is a cake we did last Fall for a Baby's 1st Birthday with a harvest theme. We did a Butter Vanilla cake with Chocolate Buttercream filling and frosting. The same flavors were used for the baby smash cake and it was decorated to match the main cake. We received beautiful remarks from the family on the cake. I am so glad they liked it and I enjoyed making it!

Donated Cakes

Like most other small businesses, we like to support local events and fundraisers in any way we can. Usually that includes donating a gift certificate or small cake/cupcakes. Recently, we have donated to several local groups or fundraisers and still have a few on the calendar in the future. Here are some of the donated goodies we've done lately.

This Valentine's theme ruffle cake was donated to the 4-H Italian Supper & Auction's cake walk, hosted by the Chesapeake Horse & Pony Club.

The following cake and cupcakes were donated to a Silent Auction to benefit the Dolphin Scholarship Foundation.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Welcome Home, Sailor!

One of a baker's worst fears is having to cancel an order at the last minute due to an illness. It is disappointing to the customer and leaves them with no cake just days before the party. Unfortunately, this happened to me a couple months ago. I got an Upper Respiratory Infection and my husband was out to sea, so I was unable to fulfill an order for a birthday cake. I was looking forward to that cake because it was my last tiered cake of the year. I had purchased supplies for it and just days before it was due, I had to cancel it. 

My client was disappointed, of course, but was also very understanding, which I appreciated more than anything. Although she didn't get the cake she wanted, she made good of the situation and when she mentioned her husband was returning from deployment soon, I offered to make a cake for her family. Of course, it can't make up for the original birthday cake, but my client loved it and I was glad to make it for her! Welcome home to her sailor!

Icing Smiles, Take Two!

We got our second call to action for Icing Smiles in late January. We were asked to make a cake for Myana's 4th birthday! Her theme was Princess Dora, and her party colors where pink and purple. We accepted our call to action and created this cake for Myana's party. The two tier cake was decorated with Princess Dora, a castle topper, and stars on curly wires. We put "Happy 4th Birthday Myana" on the top tier in silver, but you can't see it very well in the photos. We probably should have switched the pink and purple so the inscription would have shown up better, but hindsight is always 20/20!

The cake was delivered to Myana's birthday party at Chuck E Cheese. We arrived before the family and had to leave the cake with the manager until they arrived. I wish I could have met little Myana, but her mother sent this photo soon after. Just look at that smile! That's what Icing Smiles is all about--hence the name!

Football & Sports Birthday Cake!

In January, I received an email from a mother looking to get a football theme cake for her son's 8th birthday. Her son liked other sports as well and is a Georgia Bulldog fan, so we decided to incorporate all of the sports he liked onto the cake and make a jersey in the GA colors, with his name and age on it. She also added some football shaped decorated cookies to match. Unfortunately, I didn't get time to snap a picture of the cookies. Next time, though!