Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Welcome Home, Sailor!

One of a baker's worst fears is having to cancel an order at the last minute due to an illness. It is disappointing to the customer and leaves them with no cake just days before the party. Unfortunately, this happened to me a couple months ago. I got an Upper Respiratory Infection and my husband was out to sea, so I was unable to fulfill an order for a birthday cake. I was looking forward to that cake because it was my last tiered cake of the year. I had purchased supplies for it and just days before it was due, I had to cancel it. 

My client was disappointed, of course, but was also very understanding, which I appreciated more than anything. Although she didn't get the cake she wanted, she made good of the situation and when she mentioned her husband was returning from deployment soon, I offered to make a cake for her family. Of course, it can't make up for the original birthday cake, but my client loved it and I was glad to make it for her! Welcome home to her sailor!

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