Sunday, October 2, 2011

Anchors, Stripes, and a Cupcake Tower!

It has been longer than I hoped to put these photos on the blog, but I have finally found a moment to do so! Here are the cakes that have kept me so busy lately!

First Birthday cake designed to match the Sailor theme party decor.

My husband's ship requested this cake for this year's Chief Selectees. I decided at the last minute to put chocolate Navy emblems on the top corners to fill in space and later found out that the chocolate mold that is being sold as a "Navy Emblem" is in fact an Officer's Emblem. I should have know this, being Navy myself, however, the details of the mold are so small and hard to see, that I didn't realize this. The chiefs who received the cake sure did! I feel terrible that I put an officer's emblem on an enlisted service member's cake! But now that I am aware, I will not make that mistake again!

The Foster-McCammon wedding had to be postponed because of Hurricane Irene, and happened to be rescheduled for the weekend of our kids' birthday party (photos of that to come next!). I was able to do a lot ahead of time so after the party was over I finished them up and delivered them to their wedding at the Virginia Beach Contemporary Arts Center. I am waiting on some professional photos from the wedding photographers, so more to come!

This was for a Baby's 1st Birthday party. The mother took a few different photos she liked and combined them into this cake. I love the way the zebra print turned out and I would love to do another one!

This Tea Set cake was for a bridal shower that had to be rescheduled due to Hurricane Irene. The tea set is edible and hand painted. Tea pot made of rice cereal treats and rest of pieces made entirely from fondant except for flower, which was a gumpaste fantasy orchid. The bride-to-be's name was on the tea pot, her mother and soon to be mother-in-law's names were on the sugar and cream, and the bridesmaids names were on the tea cups.

A very special soon to be 15 year old contacted me about a zebra birthday cake. She chose every detail on her own and I was very impressed with her knowledge of cake! Not many 15 year old girls even know what fondant is! She wanted a purse on top so we personalized it to say "Caitlyn Couture".

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