Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Birthday Babies!

My in-laws were visiting this past week and since both of my daughters' birthdays are coming up soon, I decided to try a couple new recipes and make them a birthday cake and cupcakes. I stuck with a very simple design because there wasn't much time to work on it with company and all. The cake was Chocolate Fudge and the cupcakes were Golden Butter Cream. I was more satisfide with this frosting recipe than others I had tried previously, except it was so yellow, that it looked like actual butter. I will have to keep working on it.

“Act as if you'll live forever. Plan as if you would die tomorrow.”


  1. really an interesting blog and happy birthday to both of your daughter in advance.

  2. Mmm! Very cute. Happy Birthday to the Girls!! Hope things are going well for you. I've signed up for the small business class online this semester and no culinary until next year!